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June 18, 2024

The Future of Home Refrigeration: Multi-Door Fridges Leading the Way in Innovation and Style

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Distinctive design, quality, innovative food preservation technologies, smart functionalities, space and energy-consumption optimisation, all define the success of a new way of conceiving home refrigeration that meets the changing needs of global consumers and their evolving lifestyles.

Along with the peculiarities of the various countries, there is a common denominator: the search for quality and innovation that best serve those new needs.

The multidoor refrigerator is gaining popularity all over the world. Market analysts predict that in the 2022-2030 period, this category of household appliances will grow quite considerably at global level, responding to a demand that has been steadily increasing since 2021.
Globally, the preference for these innovative household refrigeration appliances, boosted by the widespread availability of new preservation technologies, is probably rooted in the great social changes, the new lifestyles and the evolving consumption and nutrition habits taking place in societies across all continents. Consumers nowadays are seeking high-quality, high-tech, efficient design refrigerators with high standards of food preservation and great flexibility in the management of storage spaces and seem to have found it all in multidoor refrigerators.

Intelligent, low-consumption refrigeration for smart homes and green consumers
The growing trend of designing smart homes and buildings also implies an evolution in the choice of technologically advanced, high- performing and energy-efficient appliances. Refrigerators are no exception: manufacturers are encouraged to make appliances that make the best use of state-of-the- art technologies, such as IoT and smart interfaces for personalised and digital management.
Consumers’ and institutions’ growing sensitivity towards the environment and
energy saving issues, also pushes the demand for low-consumption, environmentally friendly refrigerators.

Growth factors in the refrigerator and multidoor markets.

1-Social change
In the Asia-Pacific region, a general rise in disposable income, urban expansion and the increase in the number of individual households significantly influenced the increase of household appliances sales, especially to replace obsolete products.
China and India are the largest refrigeration appliance markets in the Asia-Pacific region. North America and Europe, another two titan markets for refrigerators, are characterised by a greater concentration of innovation and technological advancement.
In particular, refrigeration solutions have been introduced in Europe to in response to new expectations in terms of quality and customisable products. In effect, these products need to meet the changing specifications linked to the new kitchen design trends. The Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Oceania may be minor markets in absolute terms but are quite significant in terms of overall sales volumes and are indeed interesting for producers since they are almost entirely fueled by imports.
Other growth factors in the domestic refrigeration market are linked to the emerging stay-home and cook trend as a cool way to entertain that has undoubtedly contributed to the increasing demand for refrigerators in general and multidoor in particular.

2-New lifestyles: quality food
The demand for healthy and quality food is booming globally. China is confirmed as the largest importer of Food & Beverage in the world, with import volumes that continue to grow, free from the negative effects of the pandemic.
The needs of Chinese consumers are evolving fast, in step with greater economic well-being and evolving lifestyles. They have become more inclined to follow the latest trends and take up new eating habits. Greater internationality and greater focus on sustainability and digitalisation are among the distinctive traits of a new generation of Chinese consumers, who are now on a quest for ever greater quality.

Europe is growing increasingly conscious of the connection between nutrition and health. Together with sustainability and price, health is among the main drivers of purchasing behaviors, with an eye on the authenticity and the origin of products. “Made in” or "locally sourced" or "local produce" or “farm to table” products still increasing  their appeal in the today lifestyles.
A study of consumers in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK, reveals the growing interest of people in the effects of food in terms of well-being and in the impact production and distribution processes have on the environment.

Globally, the search for both quality is leading to more focus and careful selection when it comes to food purchases and storage.

The new kitchen
Kitchen interior design is changing, driven by new lifestyles and amazing innovations.
The modern kitchen is a social hub, furnished with modular, sophisticated design elements.
Here the refrigerator - and even more so the multidoor - is indeed displayed as a distinctive element of the furniture and a status symbol: it can only be high-tech, with a minimalist sleek design, premium surfaces and integrated smart functions.
The latter are an absolute must in latest- generation technological kitchens, which are increasingly characterised by an innovative and highly functional design.

A hub for food preservation
High-performance innovative refrigerators - such as the multidoor models - meet new styles of food consumption and buying habits, more focused on quantity, but above all on quality. Therefore, the trend that clearly emerges, transversally and at global level, is that of multispace appliances, able to maintain food fresher and for longer, with humidity control and compartments set at different temperatures, and with maximum flexibility in the management of the interior cavity.
The architecture of the multidoor particularly lends itself to this purpose, making the refrigerator a storage hub with customisable climate zones and drawers, centred on the eating habits of the household.

Fresh vegetables and fruit, meat and fish, are kept in the best possible conditions to ensure top nutritional and organoleptic performance. Some compartments will easily and instantly convert from freezer to refrigerator and vice versa to expand, or shrink, the space at will in case some extra storage space is needed for fresh/ frozen food. Most multidoor refrigerators, from “French doors” to “four doors”, have premium features, sporting advanced solution for storing and managing food, smart functions and a distinctive, elegant design that makes this type of refrigerator an appliance that perfectly matches the style and modernity of contemporary kitchens.

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