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Last year at the 2021 Homa Fall Event, we started to share our sustainability strategy and promised to make substantial moves to strengthen our ESG journey. Earlier this...

Time flies, and four months have passed in this "turbulent" 2022. Homa adapted to the next normal and delivered competitive performance last year. As a good start, Homa witnessed...

HomaGroup Co., Ltd. (Homa Holding) announces financial results for its fiscal year 2020 ended 31 December.
the company posted total revenues of CNY 8.35 billion, up 12.89% year on year. Cooling...

Our B2B mindset points out to us the way we never stop bringing value to our key stakeholder: YOU.
Entrusted and empowered by you, the Homa family feels a significant responsibility...

Custom's figures attest that Homa has reached a new peak.
Export volume totals 5.5 M units with 25.9% YoY growth, reaching approximately 15.9% global market share.
No-Frost exportvolume totals 1.3M, up 8%...

Since May, the epidemic has had a slight rebound in Guangdong, Nanjing, and Hunan, China.
Thankfully, we have seen zero infections in Homa. Our HR and general management team has played...

Affected by the covid rebound, the logistic situation regrettably deteriorated. Sea fright rise, container shortage, warehouse bursting, and port congestion caused real trouble in the cooling industry.
However, we stay together...

We all experienced a challenging year.
The pandemic disrupted markets globally during2020; it has accelerated the underlying trends but has also changed the way of doing business in many sectors; the home...

A letter from the CEO to our Global Business Partners.
Date: 19 MAY, 2021
Dear Partners,

On 27 April, 2021, during the spring Canton Fair season, we shared a fresh look on the...

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