The timeless values of design

For Homa, the concept of design transcends the simple perspective of aesthetics.
Like music, Design speaks a universal language that everybody can understand, beyond the necessary and minor local adaptations.
It is the product of an inner sensitivity and draws upon experience, knowledge and talent.
Design is a discipline that requires continuous practice, and starts with observation. Seeing and understanding the world around us, talking and listening to those we are crafting our products for, is what feeds and guides our design. As such, it is part of our tradition of caring for our clients and partners, serving their needs and aspirations.
Trust and mutual respect is what we base our business on, and what characterises our every relationship. We have long understood that the purpose of our design was not to produce good looking “cold boxes”, but to help preserve our customers’ food at its best.
So, Design is not a premium feature, but a fundamental element of each and everyone of our products, across the entire range and across categories. In a way, we offer exclusivity, but for all.
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It’s one the latest trends emerging at the recent EuroCucina fair, the popular Milano Design Week collateral event: the kitchen is ever less a simple place apt to...

Artist, creative mind, illustrator…a designer is all and none of these.
There's more to this emblematic figure, who acts like a film director, coordinating a complex production process which leads to...

We are the OEM household cooling specialist so making products for client organisations to label under their own brands comes with certain responsibilities.
We embody our clients' personalities and values...

At Homa, we are bursting with pride as we receive incredibly positive feedback all around the globe about Homa Design Magazine #1. From the beginning of this endeavour, our...

When Homa set out on its incredible industrial journey, some twenty years ago, the world was a totally different place, and so were we, in many respects.
Markets, products and...

The ability to see clearly has been an ancestral need for all living beings, from the smallest microorganisms to the largest mammals. Sight is an essential sense that helps living...

"des.mag." goes to GERMANY for a tribute to Ingo Maurer, the poet of light.

German designer Ingo Maurer (1932 - 2019) is known the world over for his unique,...

Intelligent LED lighting systems represent the future of domestic and public illumination. Integrated into smart buildings and focusing on people, Human Centric Lighting is the new paradigm...

Today this technology is entering the mainstream due to the many benefits it can provide.

Let’s discover it together. ...

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