The timeless values of design

For Homa, the concept of design transcends the simple perspective of aesthetics.
Like music, Design speaks a universal language that everybody can understand, beyond the necessary and minor local adaptations.
It is the product of an inner sensitivity and draws upon experience, knowledge and talent.
Design is a discipline that requires continuous practice, and starts with observation. Seeing and understanding the world around us, talking and listening to those we are crafting our products for, is what feeds and guides our design. As such, it is part of our tradition of caring for our clients and partners, serving their needs and aspirations.
Trust and mutual respect is what we base our business on, and what characterises our every relationship. We have long understood that the purpose of our design was not to produce good looking “cold boxes”, but to help preserve our customers’ food at its best.
So, Design is not a premium feature, but a fundamental element of each and everyone of our products, across the entire range and across categories. In a way, we offer exclusivity, but for all.
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The rediscovery of nature, the need to escape from a grim reality, the strive for wellness, quiet and positivity are the main needs that emerged as a reaction to the...

The 60th edition of the world’s most important furniture fair will be held this coming June. This year beauty will be seconded by sustainability and wellbeing. ...

The growing attention for the environment has made sustainability an inevitable must and an ever more popular corporate manifest, including in the home furniture industry. In recent years producers have...

In the globalised world of this early 21st Century, the digital revolution has disrupted the traditional ways knowledge is accessed and enjoyed, and turning back to the past is somehow...

Good design is the result of two fundamental elements, performance and beauty are the prerequisites for creating successful products such as those made for Homa.
Beauty is intrinsic in the Italian...

An informal conversation about design with Umberto Palermo, founder and CEO of UP Design, the Homa appointed design house, and Federico Rebaudo, the General Manager of Homa Europe representative office...

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