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January 7, 2022


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No-frost technology brings multiple benefits, among which better food preservation and energy savings, thanks to the absence of fluctuations in temperature. It also keeps delicate foods at their best for longer through better humidity control.

The lack of brine keeps mould and bacteria from proliferating whilst eliminating any unpleasant odour and making for the easy, carefree maintenance of the refrigerator.

Today, after 5 years of planning and research, we are revolutionising this distinctive and highly effective technology, creating a new standard offering complete reliability and even more tangible benefits for your consumers around the world.

Homa’s proprietary Total Sync & Adapt technology uses an Inverter compressor and a patented, dedicated algorithm to ensure significantly improved performance in terms of energy efficiency, precise temperature control and noise levels.

Homa’s new standard, albeit exclusive, is now available to all.

The company has chosen to apply its True Total No-Frost AI Inverter technology to its entire No-Frost refrigerators production: from entry-level products to the top of the range.

Our deliberate choice is to offer you a ground-breaking innovation uplifting your cooling line-up.

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