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May 3, 2024

Unveiling Homa Design Magazine #4

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Homa Design Magazine #4 was officially launched during the prestigious April 2024 Homa Event, a 'to-go' gathering for industry leaders.

This event was the perfect platform for our magazine launch. 

Edition after edition, Homa Design Magazine is making waves, earning significant recognition within the design community. It's become a distinctive voice on the global stage, a fresh vehicle for spreading design culture far and wide.

We are thrilled to introduce the fourth issue of Homa Design Magazine, which delves into the evolving interior design landscape.

This edition is dedicated to the kitchen's newfound prominence as the heart of the home.

We explore the integration of appliances as statement pieces. We also delve into the intersection of style, functionality, and technology, offering a comprehensive view of the latest trends and innovations in the design world. 

We promise a captivating journey through the realms of design and culture. 

Follow this link to dive into our latest editorial and experience the world of Homa Design Magazine #4.

We look forward to sharing our passion for design and culture with you.

Happy to share.

Homa Design Magazine is a vibrant editorial venture on a mission to ignite the flame of design thinking across the entire Homa community—encompassing Homa people, our partners, and beyond! Yet, its influence extends beyond these boundaries; it serves as a beacon of design culture poised to illuminate our entire industry.
Today, it stands as a remarkable testament to the potency of tangential marketing, presenting a novel approach to captivating audiences. The magazine is the result of a collaborative effort, with the original idea stemming from Homa Europe.

Editor in Chief: Federico Rebaudo

Project Coordination: Federico Gallina

Contributing writers: Elena Scandroglio, Pierre Ley, Patrizio Cionfoli 
Coordination, Design & Layout: Studio Volpi

For further information and Press Contact:

Copyright HOMA 2024- Issued by Homa Marketing dept. on May 2024
For further information and Press Contact:

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