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May 4, 2024

The Editorial of the Homa Design Magazine, Issue Number 4

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The kitchen is now free from the constrained, steamy spaces it has been confined to for ages and has taken centre stage in home interiors.
As the absolute star of the house, it has invited the rest of the domestic environment into its own space since the formal boundaries between the once well-separated living zones are becoming increasingly blurred.

Materials, finishes, and accessories reflect the style and sophistication of the entire home, and the ever-increasing innovative refinement of its embedded appliances now harmoniously blends with its design lines and distinctive personality.

An island in an open-plan kitchen is the dream destination of many modern urban dwellers regarding their preferred spot for socialising and entertaining, but also for a quiet, leisurely Sunday morning brunch with their loved ones.
Appliances are adapting to their new status and showing off their finest attire, as the trend is no longer to hide them behind panels but to showcase them with pride.
Yet they need to seamlessly integrate into the room’s design with the furniture and cabinetry.
This holds especially true for the refrigerator, now considered the focal point of any well-heeled kitchen.
In this fourth issue of Homa Design Magazine, we take an educated look at the broader picture of interior design, with all its multifaceted, fascinating implications for equipment, furniture, and new, intelligent solutions for contemporary living.

We also examine Homa’s new perfect slot-in refrigerator concept, a true game-changer in the world of integrated kitchens.
As usual, we provide a comprehensive review of current trends in the field and talk to some of the most thought-provoking and influential minds in design, architecture, and culture in general. Among them Ludovica Serafini, Roberto Palomba, and Lani Adeoye.

We haven’t forgotten to include some intriguing historical retrospect tracing the journey of some of our everyday objects through time. We also give due attention to this year’s edition of the Salone del Mobile, with an exclusive interview (you can preview the interview here) with the Salone’s president, Maria Porro. Also in this issue is a rare interview with Ferran Adrià, possibly the world’s most influential avant-garde chef who forever changed how cooks relate to their craft.

We are overjoyed by the enthusiasm our Magazine is receiving and the positive feedback.

This entirely rewards all the hard work that went into producing this magazine edition, which we are now delighted to share with you.


Editor in Chief: Federico Rebaudo

Project Coordination: Federico Gallina

Contributing writers: Elena Scandroglio, Pierre Ley, Patrizio Cionfoli - Studio Volpi Design Director
Coordination, Design & Layout: Studio Volpi
From an Original Idea of: Homa Europe

Copyright HOMA 2024- Issued By Homa Marketing dept. on Maj 2024
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