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March 25, 2023

H+, the anatomy of Care.

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At Homa, we pride ourselves on more than just our factories, patents, pricing, or promotions.
Our leadership and reputation are built on something much more potent: the trust we earn from our clients daily.

The partnership spirit is the simple idea that has been the foundation of our company for many years, guiding us to innovate and offer the best solutions to our customers. We offer a unique value chain perfectly blended with competitiveness, timeliness, and a clear understanding of our industry.

So, we are constantly implementing what we deliver and creating something unique to benefit our B2B clients.

We have always been driven to solve our customer pain pragmatically and effectively.
Yet, we realised we could do more to maintain our leadership:  our business partners need services designed to solve daily pains, not merely a factory that manufactures quality refrigerators.
That's why we have created H+; we want to offer services enabling our clients to achieve their goals.

We decided to introduce a set of services that complement our products and enable our clients to manage their businesses in a thriving modern way.
Who is working with us knows that Homa company's purpose is built on three pillars: Care, food preservation and Design: the philosophy of CARE is encapsulated in H+.

H+ is a bouquet of services that are designed to meet the needs of our B2B clients. We understand that our clients are looking for solutions that can help them improve their operations and drive growth.

To create H+, we underwent a rigorous process of rethinking, triggering, and amplifying our ideas.
During this process, we only had a mantra: Customer Centricity!
We focused on "what could be" and "what will be" rather than "what is." We enhanced and disrupted existing mental models to put our clients' needs at the forefront of our innovation.
We looked at emerging trends, such as sustainability (more details here), to ensure that H+ could meet the changing needs of our clients in the future.

The result is H+, a comprehensive service set that combines our expertise. Through H+, we offer our clients a range of services: TSM, SPM, and Marketing Academy.

TSM, or Technical Service Manual, is a web-based application that supports after-sales services to quickly identify and solve the repair of the appliances we manufacture for our OEM customers. TSM provides technical manuals, troubleshooting guides, and other resources to repair our products efficiently and effectively.

SPM, or Spare Parts Management, is Homa's new digital platform designed to simplify ordering and purchasing spare parts for all our products. SPM helps our customers streamline their daily procedures by providing easy access to our spare parts inventory and facilitating orders. With SPM, customers can build a closer relationship with us and ensure the timely delivery of the spare parts they need.

Marketing Academy is a service that collects marketing resources and original creativity helping our clients in explaining the benefits of our products through modern storytelling. We value the uniqueness of each brand identity of our partners to reach their target audience. We offer a broad suite of digital/physical personalised solutions that help clients enjoy fast-selling rotations.

The H+ services perfectly blend competitiveness, timeliness, and customer-centred needs.
We offer our clients a value chain that is tailored to their needs and provides them with a 360° collaboration. We don't just ship products; we expand the value.

That's why we have created a digital experience founded on trust. Our clients can rely on us to provide the best services and support whenever needed in 7/7 H24.

We are proud of what we have achieved with H+.
We have transformed our ideas into reality thanks to our professional team and talented suppliers' competence.

For 20 years, our reputation has been built on the TRUST we know how to earn every day.
With H+, we are taking this trust to the next level.

H+ is not just a set of services, it's a new way of doing business, a game-changer designed and implemented specifically for You, our valued client.

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