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December 5, 2022


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HOMA is proud to present the first issue of Des.Mag. - Design Magazine -, a limited-edition periodical delving into the most captivating stories and interviews around an all-encompassing and fascinating subject that stands at the basis of our industrial adventure.

Des.Mag. offers an in-depth journey into the many aspects of design and the latest lifestyle trends of our fast-moving, globalised societies. Not only, but we will also be looking back at the history of design and meet some great designers of the past, as well as contemporary star designers and emerging talents.

We will share what the very concept of design means for China’s OEM/ODM largest refrigerator manufacturer and exporter in what we have defined as Homa’s Design Manifesto.

Design defines what we do, it even stands at the heart of the acronym describing our trade: ODM, Original Design Manufacturer.

Design is one of the three pillars of our business philosophy and one of our fundamental values, together with Care and Food Preservation.

In designing our appliances, we are building-in the very idea of care that holding and preserving a family’s food entails. Feeding one another, nurturing reciprocal feelings of care and protection, is a daily act of love repeated over and over in the tens of millions of households Homa has entered in its 20-year long history.

We make a point of caring for our clients and partners, establishing strong and lasting relationships, and anticipating their needs and aspirations.
We constantly learn from you and are always alert to society’s trends and technology advances.
This is our way of always being able to offer the most fitting and meaningful products.
Because we know, because we care.

We don’t simply produce cool-making boxes, we conceive, design and manufacture food preservation systems for modern living.
And modern living is what this magazine is all about: from lighting to furniture, to kitchen, leisure and cooking.

In a word, life!

A passion for life, and a heritage of knowledge and insights we gathered over the years, that we are happy to share with you.

Please use this link to download the press material in high resolution.


Editor in Chief: Federico Rebaudo

Art direction: Sara Marabini
Project Coordination: Federico Gallina

Contributing writers: Elena Scandroglio, Pierre Ley, Eileen Robinson
Coordination, Design & Layout: Studio Volpi
From an Original Idea of: Homa Europe

Copyright HOMA 2022- Issued By Homa Marketing dept. on December 2022
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