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April 12, 2024

Unveiling the Secrets of Trust and Loyalty in Homa's "Choice" Video

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At the heart of Homa lies a profound exploration of trust and loyalty, concepts that transcend the material to embrace emotion and dream.
With this article, we unveil the creative process behind this extraordinary production of one of the best videos we have ever crafted, "Choice."
It culminates with the premiere projection at the "Homa Event" on April 16, 2024.

The Creative Rationale: In Search of Loyalty
The creative rationale of "Choice" raises a fundamental question posed in Federico Rebaudo's creative brief, who has been guiding Homa Europe for over a decade, overseeing strategic aspects for Homa internationally, as well as relationships with design studios collaborating with Homa: "Loyalty is the most elusive of trophies a company can conquer. Why should customers choose and keep choosing us?".

The brief emphasised that to create a coherent video conveying the Company's values, "Homa recognises that the answer lies in the trust and loyalty of its customers. This video must highlight the deep and intimate reasons for this choice, thus strengthening customer loyalty and offering valuable insights."
Through a combination of context analysis, business objectives, and specific requests, Rebaudo outlined a clear direction for the creative team. His brief illuminated the challenges and opportunities, inspiring the Studio Volpi team to develop an innovative response that met expectations.

The Script: Beyond the Initial Choice
The Studio Volpi team, composed of Federico Gallina, Erica Di Rocco and Pier Yves Lay, embraced the challenge enthusiastically and creatively.
Through intense brainstorming, in-depth research, and bold experimentation, they shaped Rebaudo's brief into a unique and engaging creative response. The studio's multidisciplinary approach allowed for the fusion of innovation, design, and narrative into a harmonious vision.

The script of "Choice" deepens and reinforces the concept of loyalty and trust as the real challenge for a company, a theme deeply rooted in Homa's corporate culture, which has given fundamental importance to the concept of relationship and customer-centricity since its foundation, then summarised in the idea of Care  (one of the three pillars of the Company's narrative, the others being Food Preservation and Design).

The script unfolds with the real challenge of maintaining customer loyalty over time. Trust is described as a precious and immaterial trophy built on integrity, transparency, empathy, competence, and respect. "Choice" speaks to viewers' hearts, inviting them to reflect on the deep connection between trust, loyalty, and the essence of Homa itself.

The Storyboard: Dancing with Loyalty
The video opens with a close-up of a ballerina against a neutral background. This image evokes strength, emotion, and rhythm, symbolising the conscious and harmonious choice of movements that guide the heart and soul. Subsequently, a second ballerina appears, creating a duet of harmony and trust, underscoring the importance of mutual trust and relationship. The result is a splendid performance, realised in a dreamlike atmosphere that envelops viewers and invites them to dream together.

Dedicated to Customer Loyalty
The process of creating Homa Europe's video is an eloquent example of how collaboration can yield extraordinary results. Through Federico Rebaudo's briefing and Studio Volpi's creative response, a film has emerged that promises to inspire and enchant. Homa's "Choice" video is more than a visual production. It is an emotional journey that invites customers to reflect on the deep reasons for their loyalty and offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the unique bond between the Company and its customers.

Anticipation for "Homa Event" and April Canton Fair, 2024

This teaser whets the appetite and anticipation before the full version is screened during the "Homa Event," which will be held this year at the InterContinental Guangzhou Exhibition Center.
Together with our most important and loyal customers, we will celebrate the importance of trust and loyalty in the B2B business and Homa's commitment to nurturing this precious bond.
The event promises to be an unforgettable experience rich in inspiration and innovation. The event will climax with the intervention of the Company's CEO, Michael Yao, who will deliver a keynote around the unchanged innovative spirit of Homa. Stay tuned to our social and digital channels; we will soon unveil a new teaser video dedicated to innovation.

Discover here the full version.

Video title: Choice
Brief made by:Federico Rebaudo, General Manager of Homa Europe
Project Coordination:Federico Gallina
Art direction:Erica Di Rocco
Script:Pierre Yves
Production:Studio Volpi

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