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March 20, 2024

The Art of Visual Storytelling: Homa's Unique Approach 

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In today's whirlwind world of innovation, where creativity knows no bounds and change is the only constant, Homa is on a mission to shake up the way we perceive communication and corporate branding in the B2B realm.

The customer journey is anything but a straight path. Instead, it's a dynamic web of interactions, known as marketing touchpoints, that shape the entire experience.

At Homa we are convinced that each touchpoint is a golden opportunity to make an impact. It's all about crafting meaningful encounters with your audience to leave a lasting impression.

In the modern B2B landscape, every interaction counts – before, during, and after a purchase. That's where visual storytelling comes in. But here's the catch: it's not just about pretty pictures. It's about weaving a cohesive narrative that resonates with our customers at every step of the journey.

Each image, drawing, and video becomes a portal to a world of innovation and possibility, drawing audiences in with its captivating allure.

At the core of Homa's marketing strategy lies a commitment to breaking free from conventional B2B marketing norms and captivating audiences with compelling narratives. Focusing on revolutionising the cooling industry, Homa aims to transform industrial landscapes and reshape how companies connect with their audiences in the B2B sphere.

In line with our distinctive approach, we've chosen to enrich our existing photo library with a fresh project titled 'Exploring Frozen Delights.'

Federico Rebaudo, as the head of Homa Europe, spearheaded the initiative, drawing upon his extensive experience of over two decades in leading international marketing and design projects. His expertise serves as the driving force behind Homa's creative endeavors.

Under his leadership, a team of professionals was assembled to enhance visual storytelling for Homa. Studio Volpi, Fotografando, and Percento Lab joined forces to craft a new narrative that supports the Homa visual storytelling.

  • Studio Volpi, renowned for its excellence in design and creativity, brings a wealth of expertise and a fantastic team of creative professionals. Together with Homa, it promises to yield captivating visuals that resonate deeply with audiences, setting the stage for a new era of corporate storytelling.
  • Joining forces with Studio Volpi is Fotografando, a distinguished name in photography. With their unique perspective and artistic prowess, Fotografando adds depth and authenticity to Homa's visual narrative, ensuring each image speaks volumes to the audience. ( discover the Photo book of "Exploring Frozen Delights” and the full interview to Mauro Martignoni about the project )
  • Percento Lab, a trailblazer in research and innovation, is rounding out the team for the "Exploring Frozen Delights" project. Their groundbreaking technologies and forward-thinking approach complement Homa's vision perfectly, offering new avenues for creative expression and storytelling.

This formidable crew of professionals was poised to craft a new visual storytelling experience that would elevate the Homa narrative to unprecedented heights.

The collaborative effort that ensued was nothing short of extraordinary.

From meticulously selecting the finest fruits and vegetables to orchestrating the freezing process with precision, every detail was meticulously crafted to perfection.

The result? A visual masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of traditional marketing.

Through the art of visual storytelling, Homa invites audiences on a journey of discovery – where food preservation meets imagination, and innovation knows no bounds.

Discover the Photo book of "Exploring Frozen Delights" and the full interview to Mauro Martignoni

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