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July 7, 2022


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An interview with Luca Cantorelli, Senior Engineer, Studio Volpi.

Q: What solutions are offered today to counter the presence of bacteria in the refrigerator?
A: Today there are antibacterial filters and ultraviolet LED lights placed near the ventilators or attached to the shelves. Alongside these, in the world of professional cleaning and in the medical field, antibacterial films or antibacterial plastic are used, obtained by combining antimicrobial additives with the materials. These are partially effective solutions, and in the case of the health care and professional world the results are certainly more valid and lasting. Total elimination rather than just controlling the proliferation of bacteria is undoubtedly the trend of the future of food preservation, but there is still a long way to go.

Q: In what direction?
A: In my opinion, we need to look at the technical solutions being used in other areas that are already suitable for use inside a refrigerator.

Q: For example?
A: The world of sanitisation and air purification. Taking on board what already exists in the world of air treatment, we could begin by utilising the ventilation systems, primarily at this point forced ventilation based on No Frost technology, that includes purification using UV lamps or filters, for the elimination of bacteria.
It’s not a cheap or easy route, but in my opinion, it’s where we should be heading soon so we can succeed in our efforts to offer long lasting and permanent solutions. In the future, I think we’ll need to completely rethink the design of the refrigerator, considering larger amounts of food being stored, so we can offer products that meet the needs of new generations, the consumers of tomorrow.

Q: And in the meantime, what can we do?
A: What the industry can do today, and what some have already started to do via dedicated applications or Point of Purchase materials, is educate the consumer to adopt new approaches to using the refrigerator for the best food preservation.

Copyright HOMA 2021- This article is from "Food preservation, " a Homa white paper.
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Maintaining leadership in a technology-based industry entails a constant and essential focus on innovation.

Homa incessantly searches to identify advanced technologies for its appliances to create new value for its B2B partners, innovating food preservation methods to improve people's daily lives.
We count on a solid R&D team (over 200 experienced professionals in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics and computer science, etc.) to maintain leadership in a technology-based industry such as the household cooling manufacturing.

The HOMA R&D CENTRE, based in Nantou, is the core of the ceaseless pursuit of innovation.

Since our inception, we have built a network of international relationships to support our fast-paced growth.
The hub collaborates and maximises technological cooperation through active open innovation with distinguished universities, research institutes, and global partner companies with the world's best technologies and practices.
Through the support of international experts, we are setting new standards in cooling technology.
As is the case for projects anticipating energy-efficient products and in-depth research on fluid dynamics related to advancing our TRUE NO FROST technology and Homa's MULTICLIMATE SYSTEM.
Studio Volpi, a global innovation Agency, plays an active role in this vast network.
The relationship between Homa R&D Centre is facilitated and supported by the daily interactions with our technology antenna based in Europe. This perfect triangulation allows us to draw the most by erasing physical distances.
The long and broad multidisciplinary collaboration between Homa and Studio Volpi defines an innovative and unique approach to infuse Homa's values and culture throughout the creative process from the conceptualisation of the product, the engineering and manufacturing up to the final stage of the customer journey through the narration of the benefits.
At Homa, we aim to challenge the future via a holistic approach, a perfect strategic blend that creates a positive impact on our industry, a vision perfectly encapsulated in our corporate tag line, "WE TAKE CARE OF YOUR DREAMS."

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