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April 21, 2022


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Earth Day is the only moment when all world citizens come together to celebrate our planet, promote harmony with nature and highlight ways of protecting the environment and fostering its preservation.

The United Nations celebrates International Mother Earth Day every year, one month and two days after the spring equinox, on April 22.

Officially born in 1970 to emphasise the need to conserve the Earth's natural resources, it has become an educational and informative event.

Creating an "Earth Day" was first discussed in 1962.
Still, Earth Day took shape in 1969 following the environmental disaster caused by the oil spill from the Union Oil well off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, as a result of which it was decided that the time had come to bring environmental issues to the attention of the public: all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, income or geographical origin, have the right to a healthy, balanced and sustainable environment.

For Homa, as a pure OEM producer, one of the key factors of our success is the timely understanding of our client's needs to serve their own customers' aspirations.
We must recognise trends and signals in the world markets which indicate shifts in demand that are critical to our business.
Working with global clients means we need to be constantly anticipating those needs.
As we often say, listening is one of our most effective skills and part of our culture.
Caring is another one, and we feel a great sense of responsibility when it comes to the future of our planet, as the products we manufacture can and must play an essential role in changing the current state of things.
We know our clients' customers are not prepared to compromise on this subject since they will be using their appliances every day for the next 8 to 10 years. We have long recognised this trend and have focussed our efforts both on our industrial process and on the actual performance of our products. We have made enormous progress in energy classes and energy consumption in general, so we lifted our entire production towards high energy efficiency standards and overall recyclability, the best way for us to leverage economies of scale and remain highly competitive.

We make a point of using the latest, established technologies to offer attractive products and have a compelling design, but we are also champions of energy efficiency.

I feel a strong sense of purpose because, as a Company, we owe our part to reflect more and more deeply and carefully on environmental issues.
For this reason, we will soon share some of our considerations through the publication of our first "green paper."

This year Homa will turn 20.
Over the years, we have introduced many innovative platforms, but always with great attention to the environment. For instance, we have started using R600 refrigerant gas right from the beginning, potentially saving the atmosphere millions of tons of ozone-depleting substances.
All the instruction manuals of the million refrigerators we produce every year are printed with eco-friendly soy-based ink on recycled paper. Every product in our range beats the industry average in terms of energy efficiency. While reading this article, we consider that around 45 million refrigerators manufactured by Homa are “switched on” around the globe, perfectly preserving food yet consuming energy. I therefore take it even more seriously to continue our path to reduce the impact of our products (and their production) on the environment.

In addition to the well-known energy consumption advancement, the stronger accent is now on two areas that anyway directly affect our industry:


Regarding reparability, I like to underline the introduction of our monumental TSM project states how Homa is in the right direction; in a world that increasingly needs sustainable attitudes, making products easily repairable is a demonstration of maturity.
At the same time, we have worked to make it easier and more immediate the supply of our original spare parts via our brand-new SPM service, a further effort to reduce waste and extend the life cycle of our products.

Regarding recyclability, we have started using more readily recyclable materials and fewer plastics when introducing new platforms.
In our trade, credibility is everything, and we want to pass on that credibility to our clients, whose brands will be held accountable for their products' impact on our planet.

With magical synchrony in April 2022, Homa will reach the 100 million refrigerators mark (more info will follow about this new milestone).

So today, we celebrate Earth Day.
On the other hand, this month, we will celebrate 100 million products manufactured, a considerable motive of pride for Homa and an important moment of deep reflection and care for our shared planet's future.

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