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January 25, 2022

The first impression is always paramount

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Under the umbrella of “Homa Original Marketing Academy,” we are collecting our professional knowledge to support and elevate your marketing endeavours.

With practical resources to optimise everyday life of our B2B audience, we provide strategic tools and resources to trigger inspiration and guidance in the creative process of communication development, insufflating a marketing soul into a near-commodity such as white goods.

That’s why we’ve prepared “The Photo Shooting Manual”, a guide with tips and references so that you can capture the essence of your cooling range with creative and impactful photos.

The first impression is always paramount, isn't it? Let's take a simple example: in the "online customer journey", the product lead image (also known as primary image) is one of the first things your shoppers see. It is essentially the lead product image that shows up in the search results and drives the next click. Usually, the "lead image" contains a simple front pack shot of the refrigerator (also called Hero Image), which the shopper will view (via different touchpoints, e.g., PC vs mobile) to prove that the product is what they are searching for.

Are we all in agreement? So, it is clear that, at least, in this case, the appearance makes substance! That's why we said, "then let's share some knowledge on such an important topic!"

And here it is!

We will accompany you step by step on your photographic narrative process, which will promote the range and contribute to the positioning of your brand, a path developed around three main concepts:

1.        The technique

2.        The style

3.        The creativity

“The Photo shooting Manual” focus on Product Photography (also known as “still photography”) does not include human elements in the imagery result. The focus here is the visual demonstration of the product, often more technical. While this type of photography has become popular with the growth of e-commerce, the challenge is to produce impactful pictures and provide differentiation in the market.

In shooting for your offline or online needs, it’s essential to have several photos exploring different angles of the same product. Be sure also to produce pictures with excellent zoom.

This tends to reassure the consumer as they will be able to check the quality, texture, details and have a better idea of the item’s qualitative design.

Product photography is crucial as it affects your customer/consumer’s purchase decision, the credibility of your products and, consequently, the positioning and reputation of your company or brand.

The "Homa Photo Shooting Manual" neither replaces your skills nor the skills of a professional photographer, nor does it pretend to be a complete academic compendium.

The spirit that guides us always remains that of "care" and sharing, not just the mere tool but the passion for methodology and process, as a primary asset, a precious strength regardless of the specific technical ability.

The common challenge for all of us is building a narrative around the cooling products worth telling and capable of catching your audience's attention.

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